Best LED Light Bulbs

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Best LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs Direct have an extensive range of LED bulbs, offering a brilliant selection from top manufacturers. From on-trend filament bulbs and compact capsule styles, every type of fitting boasts all the benefits associated with LED technology. are the UK's number 1 trade catalogue. The Lightbulb Co. is the UK's #1 store for LED light bulbs & lamps with a money-back guarantee, same-day dispatch & free delivery on orders over £35. LED light bulbs with a 5 year warranty from the UK's leading LED retailer. Bayonet and Edison fittings available. Direct halogen replacements. LED Light Bulbs at Lighting Direct stock a massive range of LED Light bulbs at Lighting Direct, to suit lots of different applications.


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Best LED Light Bulbs

Welcome to Best LED Light Bulbs where your find all you need to know about LED Light Bulbs.

LED light bulbs are the modern, energy efficient light bulbs that are direct replacements for your current light bulbs. As your probably aware there are a lot of different cap types of fitting, with cap meaning the end of the light bulb that you plug or screw into the fitting, these cap types include 2G11, B22D, E14, E27, G13, G4, G5.3, G9, GU10, GU4, GU5.3 and R7S.

LED Bulb Brightness

The brightness of LED bulbs is measured in watts often shortened to just Ďwí so 1w means one watt, now you might know that conventional light bulbs have high wattage because conventional bulbs are very inefficient in converting electrical energy to light energy, in fact conventional bulbs waste most of the electrical energy as heat, thatís why conventional bulbs get extremely hot whilst LED bulbs remain cool, thatís not to say that a LED bulb wonít get hot and you should still be careful touching a LED bulb when it is switched on or only just switched off and has not had time to cool.

LED bulbs have a wattage which ranges from up to 1 watt, 1 to 2 watts, 3 to 4 watts, 5 to 10 watts and 11 watts or more, compare that to conventional light bulbs (which are wasteful of energy turning so much energy into unwanted heat) where 25 watt, 50 watt, 75 watt and 100 watt are common power requirements.

LED Bulbs Save You Money

As your no doubt be aware LED light bulbs are therefore more energy efficient and save you money on your energy bills because you need less power to light the LED bulbs, also LED bulbs last longer than conventional light bulbs thatís because as your have read above LED light bulbs donít get as hot and itís the heat which weakens the light bulb and leads to failure, in a conventional bulb the filament which actually is just like the heating element from a heater, heats up and cools down with repeated switching on and off of the light bulb, this weakens the filament and eventually the filament breaks and the bulb cannot produce light any more.

Conventional light bulbs are also more fragile than LED light bulbs, they are made of glass to withstand the high temperatures rather than the plastic of LED bulbs (not all LED bulbs can be made of plastic), and the filament of a conventional bulb is also fragile, if you have ever dropped a conventional bulb, even when the bulb is in itís packing box, the drop will probably break the delicate filament even if the glass does not smash, LED light bulbs are far more resistant to dropping and mishandling (they can of course still break when mistreated).

LED Bulbs

You may well be wondering why it is called a LED light bulb anyway, well LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, these electronic components produce a very bright light when an electric current is applied to them, individual light emitting diodes are not very big, typically only a few millimetres in size, round LEDís are called conventional LEDís and square LEDís or chips are called SMDís Surface Mount Devices, itís two different technologies used to manufacture LEDís, conventional LEDís have metal legs or pins that are soldered to a circuit board and SMD devices have no legs and instead are directly soldered to a circuit board, the advantage of SMDís is that they can be made smaller and these Ďlight chipsí can be made in sizes of up to 1 centimetre typically.

Different LED light bulbs from different manufacturers and available at different prices have different energy efficiencies (how much power is required to produce light) and remember itís the power used that determines how large your electricity bill will be, changing all your light bulbs to LED bulbs will save you money on your electricity bill and is an especially good idea if you have a young family that is always leaving lights on, if the lights they leave on cost less to run then you will of course save money.

Energy Efficient Bulbs

LED bulbs have different energy classifications these are A, B, C, D, E, F and G with a LED bulb rated A much more energy efficient than a bulb rated G.

A typical LED bulb is not made up of one LED bulb which is what you might think if you where to compare it to a conventional light bulb, but instead LED bulbs are made up of many small individual LED bulbs, the individual bulbs are very small at only a few millimetres in size, if you look at a bulb closely and GU10 LED bulbs are a good example of this, you see that each bulb has several dimples on its surface, these dimples are the magnifying sections of the bulb, designed to magnify the light and cast a bigger beam of light from the bulb.

Your notice that each dimple contains more than one bright spot of light, thatís the individual LED bulbs, in a GU10 bulb your typically find a minimum of three dimples with each dimple containing three LEDís, meaning the bulb actually contains nine LEDís inside the bulb. The fewer the LED units inside an actual light bulb the cheaper the bulb will be, for the best LED bulbs look for a bulb that contains the greatest number of LED units.

Long Lifetime

The reason that LED bulbs are quoted with such high lifetimes with anything from 5 years to 25 years being quoted on the package when you by a LED bulb is because the bulb will only stop producing light when all the LED components inside the bulb have failed, over the years your notice that as the LED components fail the bulb will get less bright, but for several years the bulb will still produce more than an adequate amount of light.

Incidentally, shops selling LED light bulbs will often say to keep your receipt for a free replacement if your light bulb should fail, but who actually keeps their till receipts for 5 or more years.

Because LED light bulbs are so much more efficient at converting electrical energy into light the quoted power of a LED light bulb is so much less, you may have had a conventional light bulb rated at 50 watts, but when you look for a LED light bulb equivalent it is quoted at just 3.5 watt and you might be thinking to yourself that LED light bulbs cannot be any good if they donít have as high a power rating as conventional light bulbs, but the truth is LED bulbs are more efficient and can produce more light at a lower power.

Colour Changing Light Bulbs

LED lights also come with different colours, not just coloured bulbs with a choice or red, green, blue or any other mix of colour, often with a remote control unit to change the colour of the light bulb from the controller, but even white light bulbs come in a range of whites, thereís warm white, cold white, orange light and a range of other manufacturer names to describe the type of light the bulb offers, original LED bulbs had a very bright light often similar to a florescent strip light that was considered cold and unfriendly, more suited to a hospital or workplace than a home, but modern LED bulbs are now available in a great many warm and cold shades.

The beam angle of a LED light is also important, this is a measure of how much of the room the bulb is able to shine down on, a narrow beam angle is good for a spotlight where you only want light to fall straight downwards, whilst a large beam angle will light up the whole room, as an example a GU10 bulb often used in ceiling lights has a typical beam angle of 120 degrees.

GU10 Bulb

A GU10 bulb and bulbs like it are called recessed bulbs because they are placed inside the ceiling, GU10 bulbs like the LE MR16 can also be mounted on a track, a track is a quick way to add lighting to a ceiling without having to drill out individual holes for the lights.

You may think that LED bulbs that you buy in your local supermarket are cheap with only a few pounds for an individual bulb, but thatís actually very expensive, buying quantities of bulbs like a pack of ten bulbs is so much cheaper than buying individual bulbs.

Bulb Brightness

Light brightness is measured in kelvin, thatís a temperature scale with the higher the kelvin (often simply referred to as Ďkí) the higher the brightness, note that you might not always want a bright light, in your bedroom for example you might not want a bright light but more subtle lighting whilst at your desk or in the kitchen where you are preparing food and need to work closely you may want a brighter light. As an example the LOHAS GU10 bulb is only rated at 6 watts yet has a light temperature of 6,000K (Kelvin).

Cap Fittings

Whilst I noted that there are a lot of different cap fittings two of the most common cap fittings are Bayonet Cap (BC) and Edison Screw (ES), Bayonet Cap bulbs are so named because the fitting is the exact same fitting as found on a rifle barrel, attaching the knife to the end of a rifle has the same fitting as a light bulb used in your home! Edison Screw bulbs are named after Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, the design of the screw pattern on ES bulbs is the same as the one originally used by Thomas Edison!

Both ES and BC cap fittings come in various different sizes there are large ES and BC bulbs and small ES and BC bulbs.

Philips Hue White Ambience Bulb

The Philips Hue White Ambience bulb, not only has a BC fitting which is the standard ceiling rose fitting in UK homes but this specific bulb comes with a wireless controller to change the colour and brightness of the bulb, with bulbs like this Philips bulb one light bulb really can be many light bulbs in one, if you want a bright light then adjust the brightness on the controller if you want a more subtle or romantic light then thatís also just the push of a button on the controller.

Standard ceiling light bulbs or lamps that take full size bulbs are called GLS bulbs, the LED variety usually has a misted plastic globe and a plastic stalk.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are bulbs containing halogen gas and are typically GU10 ceiling bulbs, LED replacement halogen bulbs donít contain halogen and so are cheaper to produce, in case your wondering, in conventional light bulbs the wire filament would immediately burn out of it was exposed to the air, so instead of air another gas is used and halogen is a popular choice as it gives a bright light but generates a lot of heat.

As well as light temperature being used as a measure of brightness, manufacturers also quote lumenís, this is a measure of light brightness with one Lumen being the equivalent of 1 candle power, and that is what you might expect to be the LED or conventional light bulb equivalent (in terms of the light the bulb supplies) of one candle, so if you have a bulb quoted as ten lumenís then you would have a bulb with the same brightness as two candles, now conventional and LED bulbs are much brighter than that with a typical bulb having 400 lumenís of lighting power.

G9 LED Bulb

A G9 LED bulb as used in bathroom mirrors for example is a small compact bulb so there is no room inside for a conventional LED but instead light chips or LED SMDís that your remember I described earlier are used, these bulbs can supply 360 degrees of light, thatís to say that the light comes from all directions unlike a down light or a spotlight.

GU5.3 LED Bulbs

GU5.3 LED bulbs also use SMD light chips but not because the shape and size of the bulb mean that there is not enough space for a conventional LED bulb but because a GU5.3 bulb is not mains powered like the G9 or GU10 bulbs Iíve discussed so far, the GU5.3 bulb is a 12 volt bulb, meaning a power pack (step down transformer) is required to make these bulbs work and as the power supply delivers less power (12 volts versus 240 volts) the individual LED light chips need to produce more light at a lower power.

Candle Bulb

Wall lights and small table lights will typically use a candle bulb, these can be clear bulbs or frosted bulbs, but for a light bulb that can be seen itís always nice to have a clear bulb where you can see the workings of the bulb inside, the Philips LED warm glow E14 small Edison Screw bulb is a good example, note that bulbs that have a code beginning E or ES will have an Edison Screw fitting whilst bulbs beginning B or BC will have a bayonet fitting.


LOHAS produce a range of bulbs, the B22 LED bulb being a god example, note again that B means it is a Bayonet fitting, but whatís interesting here is that LOHAS describe their bulbs as incandescent equivalent and you might be wondering what that means, well incandescent just means a bulb that has a burning filament which is a conventional light bulb.

Of course itís not just light bulbs for providing light to see by, LED bulbs also come in disco varieties where the LED bulb will provide coloured mirror ball patterns around the room, these fun bulbs will have a standard ceiling fitting (BU22).

Whilst Iím on the subject of fun bulbs just another word on the Philips Hue bulbs which come with their own light switch and are also Apple Home Kit enabled, which means you can use the bulbs with any home automation system that supports the Apple Home Kit standard so you can control your lights through an app on your phone, switching your lights on or off automatically, for example you might want to switch the light on at night even when your not at home so burglars think that the house is not empty and with automation the light can be programmed to come on at different times of the night not just on the same pattern every night.

Decorative Bulbs

Many decorative bulbs where you can see complicated filaments inside the bulb are in fact LED bulbs, but the bulb is designed to look like a filament bulb even if the LED is actually disguised to look like a filament.

Cooker Hood Bulbs

Cooker hood bulbs like the SES E14 small screw bulb have a clear glass bulb and two beautiful looking LED filaments, a beautiful looking bulb that will be hidden inside your cooker.

Of course not all LED bulbs are powered by a mains supply, either directly or through a separate power supply, some LED bulbs are designed to run on batteries like Festoon lights (fairy lights) these bulbs are joined together by wire and are typically used on Christmas tress or for decoration on or between walls.

As I mentioned earlier a good use of LED bulbs is where your young family are always leaving the lights on, with low power LED bulbs your electricity bill will be less even if they do leave the lights on, but consider a LED bulb with an auto on and off sensor, these light bulbs come on when you enter the room or when they sense movement and then some minutes after the last movement is detected the light bulb switches itself off, ideal for people who always leave the lights on or for when you fall asleep with the lights on.

Philips Living Colour Micro Lights

Mood lights like the Philips Living Colour Micro Lights are LED lights that come with their own bulb holder for placing on a desk the bulbs colour can be changed by a controller to match your mood, orange to warm you up on a cold winters day, blue so you feel cooler on a hot day, or just any colour that takes your fancy.

Colour changing lights can either use a wireless remote control or an infra red remote control, the advantage of wireless remote controls is that they usually have a larger range than an infra red (IR) remote control and you donít have to point wireless remote controls directly at the bulb like you have to with IR remotes.

Mood Lights

As with the Philips mood lights, some LED lights come built into their own lampshade or holder, an example of this are IP44 ceiling lights suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, these LED lights can be simply stuck onto the ceiling with adhesive strip included with the ceiling light, the model you choose might be mains or battery powered and the IP44 rating means that the ceiling unit can be placed near areas of steam or water splashing.

Dimmer Lights

If you have dimmer lights in your home your need to make sure that the LED bulb you buy is dimmable, your either see non-dimmable or no mention of dimming on LED bulb packing if the bulb is not dimmable, remember also that touch lamps like the ones you might have on your bedside table are dimmer lights so your generally need a dimmer bulb for touch lights, but because you can choose not to dim a touch light depending on how many touches you make you can use a non-dimmable LED light in a dimmable touch light.

LED lights are much safer than conventional bulbs as they donít get hot but also have many more uses than conventional bulbs and can replace lighting where you might think only a candle could be used, take balloon lights or paper lantern lights, these tiny LED lights contain their own tiny watch type battery and can be switched on and the paper lantern released, so much safer than candle paper lanterns which can drift off to other homes and cause fires.

Philips LED E27 Light Globe

For a light that is less bright, consider a frosted light globe like the Philips LED E27 light globe, the frosted globe gives a much softer light and is ideal for ceilings and lampshades.

As your remember from earlier, light bulbs can be controlled remotely by infra red and wireless, these light bulbs typically come with their own proprietary controller, thatís a controller that does not work with any other equipment or home networking standards, remote controlled LED bulbs like the LIFX WiFi Smart LED bulb can be connected to with your phone, tablet, computer or laptop and controlled over a wifi connection, these bulbs come with Android and Apple store apps as well as Windows software for controlling one or a range of bulbs over the internet.

Itís not just the common bulbs like GU10 or bayonet fitting that have LED equivalents all bulb fitting types and shapes are available as LED bulbs with Standard, Bulged, Candle, Circline, Ellipsoidal, Flame, Globe, Golf Ball, Reflector, Spiral, Straight and Tubular shapes all available.

G9 LED Bulb

Take the G9 LED bulb, well this is actually made from OLED light chips rather than conventional LEDís, whatís remarkable about it is the 360 degree beam angle which is achieved by having light chips all around the tubular bulb, whilst the bulb itself is only rated at 3 watts itís able to produce the same amount of light as a conventional 25 watt halogen bulb because LED bulbs are more efficient.

R75 LED Bulb

Another good example of a tubular bulb is the R7S, again here your find light chips giving 360 degrees of light as the chips are placed all the way around the bulb, this bulb is dimmable and runs on a mains voltage of between 170 to 260 volts, so itís very tolerant of a wide range of voltages as the standard mains voltage is 240 volts so ideal on boats and caravans with different voltages available. This is a bright light with the bulb producing 2,900 Kelvin of light.

E27 Edison Screw

If you have a standard lamp you probably find it has a screw fitting like the E27 Edison Screw, Philips produce a nice frosted globe rated at 5.5 watts which can produce as much light as a 40 watt bulb, interestingly these bulbs are also much lighter in weight than conventional light bulbs as the reduced heat means that the metal fitting can be made from much thinner metals, indeed the beautiful screw is bright silver in colour itís almost a shame to hide the light fitting in a shade.

Colour changing bulbs come in a range of different light fittings and not just the standard bayonet fitting for the ceiling rose, take the E27 screw bulb again with a beautiful shiny aluminium fitting, these bulbs typically have 16 different colours you can select directly from an infra red remote control pad that comes with the bulb. Children love these bulbs and will be selecting a different colour each day, whilst this particular bulb is rated at 3 watts of LED power itís not particularly bright with the purpose of the bulb to produce colour rather than light to read by, so if you want a light for reading then your going to need to use another bulb as well.

I wouldnít recommend buying individual LED bulbs, sold individually LED bulbs are far too expensive, purchased in quantities of ten or more the bulbs are very competitively priced and as you normally want to upgrade the whole house to LED bulbs at the same time or your end up with different makes of bulbs with different brightness, different lifespans and different numbers of LED lights that go to make up the bulb.

Of course itís not just household lights that have embraced LED lighting, the low power requirements of LEDís have made the bulbs popular for camping and building sites or anywhere where there is not a ready source of power, LED bulbs running on batteries will last far longer than conventional bulbs running on batteries. Magnetic camping and work lights for DIY are a good example, not only is a large panel of LED lights coupled with a reflector to produce even more light (reflecting the beam forwards) the light also has a magnetic back so you can mount the light on any metal surface.

E14 To E27 Light Socket Converter

Sometimes you canít get the exact LED bulb you want and you need to use a light socket converter, a popular converter is the E14 to E27 converter which converts SES to ES (Small Edison Screw to Edison Screw), here the small screw fitting is converted to a large screw fitting, just screw the converter into the small socket and the standard screw bulb into the converter, itís the ideal way to get bigger bulbs into a smaller socket.

Itís not just household lighting that has moved to LED lights but appliance lighting too like the OSRAM LED refrigerator light this is a E14 screw fitting that has a frosted glass bulb and produces 6,500 Kelvin of light with just 1.5 watt of power and is designed to replace a 15 watt conventional refrigerator bulb.

Stick On LED lights

LED lights use less power and are smaller so they open up all sorts of possibilities for illumination that conventional bulbs cannot like stick on LED lights that can be stuck inside cupboards or in the garage and are simply pushed to switch on, these LEDís provide light where before there was none, the LEDís have their own internal battery which will last for years with intermittent use and the sticky LEDís can simply be pulled off and replaced when the battery is exhausted.

Candelabra B15 LED Bulb

LED lights are not just for practical lighting but also for beautiful lighting take the Candelabra B15 filament LED, here the LED light is made to look like an old-fashioned filament bulb, you cannot easily tell by looking at the filament that it is not an original incandescent filament, the bulbs look beautiful as well as providing 40 watts of lighting power from 4 watt LED bulbs which produces 2,700 Kelvin of lightning. The B15 bulb is whatís known as an SBC (Small Bayonet Cap) bulb.

LED Tea Lights

You might be familiar with tea lights, but did you know that you can get LED tea lights, these even come in a submersible format meaning you can float the LED tea lights in a bath without creating a fire or electrical hazard, they are also perfect for outdoor use where their submersible and waterproof nature means that rain is not a problem and unlike a conventional flame cannot be blown out in the wind.

Itís important to consider the energy efficiency of the LED bulb, like other household electrical appliances (fridges, washing machines etc.) the energy rating is letter with ĎAí being the highest rating and ratings from ĎAí through to ĎFí, many manufacturers will rate their bulbs energy efficiency as ĎA+++í, but thatís strictly not necessary and not what the standard supports.

Itís not just standard bulb sizes that are available as LED equivalents but due to the smaller size of LEDís and OLEDís and that these LEDís produce less heat, LEDís can be used in any bulb format that a conventional filament bulb can be used, a good example of this is the G9 LED which is equivalent to 140 watt halogen bulb and provides 360 degrees of light whilst using just 5 watts of power and as I noted earlier all LED bulbs are cheaper when you buy in quantity, these G9 bulbs typically come in a pack of five.

Vintage Bulbs

Some of the most beautiful LED bulbs are what are known as vintage bulbs, these bulbs have a beautiful orange and yellow warm glow just like old fashioned bulbs where the bulb filament is actually a LED bulb, these vintage bulbs have clear globes so you can see the beautiful LED filaments inside. The E27 Edison bulb is a great example of a vintage bulb for use in ceiling and wall lights, although all bulb fixture types are available.

B22 Golf Ball LED

If you have a table side lamp then the chances it uses a B22 Golf Ball LED, these lights have the ĎBí designation and are Bayonet fitting and have a warm light thatís ideal for the bedroom, the C37 Candle bulb has a E14 Edison screw fitting with the ĎCí designation followed by the number denoting the size of the candle bulb, be careful when ordering candle bulbs as you have two numbers to consider the fitting like E14 and the candle bulb size like C37.

The size is just as an important consideration as the fitting because candle bulbs will be made to fit a specific type of candelabra or other lamp holder and buying a bulb that is too big or too small will not provide sufficient light or will provide light in the wrong place, for example a lampshade that actually attaches to the bulb will require the bulb to be a specific size to fit the lampshade, so whilst the bulb fitting may be the same, the actual size of the bulb may prevent its use in a specific lampshade or holder.

Converters not only allow you to convert from one bulb size like a smaller bulb fitting to a large bulb fitting (which is handy if you have accidentally bought the wrong size of Edison Screw bulb and canít return them, as the converters cost less than a pound typically), but also you can convert from Edison Screw to Bayonet fitting, the E27 to B22 converter being a good example of this, with LED bulbs having a lifetime of several years itís worth making use of LED bulbs in other fittings if you have spare bulbs left over.

Philips LED Lustre E27 LED Bulb

The Philips LED Lustre E27 LED bulb is a reflector bulb meaning the light that would normally shine to the back of the bulb is reflected by a silver film on the back of the bulb, this causes more light to shine forward and also keeps the back of the bulb cool, because in most cases spot light bulbs will be fitted into a close fitting housing, with LED bulbs heat is less of a problem as LED bulbs get less hot, but thatís not to say that LED bulbs donít get hot, they do and you should make sure to only touch a cold bulb that has been switched off for several minutes, but LED bulbs are cooler than conventional bulbs and this makes them a great choice for reflector and spotlight bulbs.

Reflector bulbs like the Philips Lustre are also dimmable, meaning you can put these bulbs in a fitting controlled by a dimmer switch, unlike conventional bulbs LED bulbs are not dimmable by default and you have to make sure to buy a dimmable version of the bulb, whilst a non-dimmable bulb will probably light up in a dimmable fitting when the dimmer switch is on full power, the bulb will probably be heard to flicker even if you canít see flickering and this will reduce the life of the bulb.

Philips LED Warm Glow B22 Bulbs

Philips LED warm glow B22 bulbs have a bayonet fitting and a clear globe so that you can see the beautiful LED filament, itís a modern bulb that has vintage overtones with delicate looking glass blowing housing the LED filament, as a point of interest this is a dimmable bulb, whilst you can place a dimmable bulb in a non-dimmable socket and it will work fine you will be wasting your money as dimmable bulbs cost more than non-dimmable bulbs.

You might think that using a quality LED bulb like the Philips LED A60 B22 in a standard ceiling fitting is a waste of money as the bulb is not vintage or a small size that takes advantage of the smaller size LEDís and OLEDí available but the energy savings and maintenance free nature of LED bulbs makes the bulb worth the little extra over cheaper bulbs as you wonít be replacing the bulbs for many years, if you have a lampshade or light enclosure that requires you to undo screws or take a lampshade apart or gain access to a bulb in a recess then the long life of the LED bulb means that you wonít have to replace bulbs for many years.

Cheap LED Light Bulb

I just want to add a note to say that cheap LED light bulbs do not last as long as LED bulbs from quality manufacturers like Philips, GE or OSRAM, cheaper bulbs generally use cheaper LEDís and will have a shorter LED life or even just stop working, I had one example of a cheap supermarket GU10 bulb (a recessed bulb in the kitchen ceiling) that began flickering and then with a large pop sound the plastic diffuser on the front of the bulb popped off and landed on the floor, this left me with a recessed bulb that was difficult to remove from the wire clip in the ceiling.

When looking for a new bulb itís important to take note of the colour of the housing, especially if the housing can be seen when the bulb is in use, GU10 bulbs or other recessed bulbs with a rim or where the body of the bulb is visible are a good example of exposed housing, imagine if you will a row of GU10 bulbs in a recessed ceiling with some bulbs having a white housing, others a black housing and others still a silver housing the resulting Ďevery bulb is differentí look is not very appealing.

As well as housing colours also consider if the bulb has a diffuser or is available in different shapes or different light colour variations, some bulbs may have three LED diffuser patterns, others four and others OLED patterns all different, again making the overall ceiling look messy, with multi-packs of LED bulbs so cheap itís worth replacing all bulbs in the same ceiling at the same time.

Another point to take care of when ordering bulbs and Iíll use candle bulbs as an example is that even if you have considered the size of the bulb say C37 your need to make sure the fitting is the same as your bulb holder, as an example the C37 candle bulb will be available in a B22 fitting bulb which is a Bayonet fitting as well as an ES Edison Screw fitting, order the wrong bulbs and your need to use a Bayonet Cap to Edison Screw converter or conversely the other way round (Edison Screw to Bayonet converters).

Bedside Touch Lamps

Of course, sometimes itís easier too, take a touch lamp for your bedside, pretty much all of these lamps use the E14 Small Edison Screw fitting, itís a globe ball, remember to order the dimmable version as touch lights are dimmable lights, but touch lights are one of the few situations where if you use a modern LED bulb you can pretty much get away with a non-dimmable bulb as the touch light only has two settings (bright and dim).

Of course, not all LED bulbs need a holder, bulbs like mood lights, a good example of this is the Philips Living Colours Aura Colour Changing mood light, this light comes with a remote control to change the colour and looks like a large speaker, what a lot of LED bulbs have in common is that they are beautiful to look at and can be even made to look modern in style or vintage.

Childrens Night Lights

Childrenís night lights have really benefited from the use of LEDís, the lights will turn on when itís dark and off when itís light, fully automatically, you can leave the night lights plugged in all the time as when switched on the energy used (the cost to your electricity bill) is so small, typically one watt, these lights are not only ideal for childrenís bedrooms but anywhere in the home that at night becomes a hazard, for example a night light on the stairs or in the bathroom means that you donít need to switch on a wall or ceiling light at night when you visit the bathroom or walk downstairs, also night lights are a comfort for the elderly, the light is not so bright that it prevents sleeping due to the soft glow colours produced from LEDís.

Just to cover temperature of LED bulbs, whilst they donít get anywhere near as hot as say a conventional halogen bulb used in a GU10 fitting, they do still produce heat especially in confined spaces, the MR16 GU10 bulb comes with an aluminium reflector to reflect all heat and light back towards the centre of the bulb, keeping the bulb cooler so it will last many years longer and producing more directed light forwards.

LED Driver Transformers

LED driver transformers are basically power packs that lower the mains voltage for use with low voltage LED lights, the voltage might need lowering to 5, 10, 12 or 16 volts, many other LED bulbs can run directly from mains voltage. Generally, lights used is different environmental conditions like water splashing, steam or submerged lighting will require a lower voltage. Some of these driver units support DAB and Wi-Fi so you can control these lights over the Internet.

Antique Chandler Bulbs

From the new to the old now as I want to mention antique chandler bulbs with fancy filaments and clear glass so you can see the beautiful workings of the bulbs, these bulbs are often hard to find with even conventional filament bulbs, LED bulb manufacturers have made many different types of antique bulb, bringing back many fancy designs into popular use where years ago it would have been nearly impossible to find these antique bulbs. Edison Screw bulbs like the E14 available in a range of candle sizes like the C35 are a great example, with fancy glass blowing and even fancier filaments where the filament is actually a LED bulb.

Of course, lighting is more than just antique bulbs and you might be looking for the best modern bulbs which undoubtedly are Wi-Fi bulbs like the Philips Hue Personal Wireless bulbs, these bulbs can be controlled by an app on your mobile phone or tablet, thereís no need to get up out of bed and turn the lights out or down or even change the colour when you can do all of this from bed with your mobile phone.

Camping LED Lights

If your camping and looking to hang a light inside the tent or just looking for lights that you can hang up rather than stick to a surface then hanging spotlights are what youíre looking for, ideal for servicing your car when you want to look at the engine and you donít have a bright light in the ceiling and ideal for camping when there is no mains electricity and you need a light with a highly efficient bulb so your batteries last the longest.

Whilst LED bulbs are generally thought of as mini lights that even look vaguely like a bulb, LEDís donít have to look like conventional bulbs with the advent of light chips which are also called OLED lights which are space saving and generate little heat so they are highly efficient, take the MR16 GU5.3 LED bulb this has a circular ring of LED chips that provide the light, note that each LED chip is an individual light so the bulb wonít stop producing light until every light chip has failed, thatís very unlikely to happen and instead your notice that over many years (up to 25 years) the light output will reduce as some of the LED chips fail.

LED Light Chips

You can keep using the bulb even if some of the LED chips have failed, but it will get to the point when the light output is reduced and the light starts to look bitty as youíre be able to see the LED chips that are not working.

Thereís a lot of confusion as to what all the various numbers on a LED bulb mean, take this example of an incandescent equivalent bulb which has a real fancy LED lookalike filament, the bulb is rated at 6W that means that 6 watts of power is needed to light the bulb, thatís how much power your use, now the bulb also says that it is 60 watt equivalent, that means that if the bulb was an old style or conventional filament bulb it would use 60 watts of power from your electricity supply, the reason for the greater power requirement from a conventional bulb is that conventional bulbs are less energy efficient and turn a lot of power into heat instead of light, which your know if you have ever accidentally touched a conventional bulb, it will be hot.

LED Power Ratings

Now LED bulbs are more energy efficient and donít get hot so that explains the difference in power ratings as LED bulbs use less power to achieve the same lighting levels, the packaging will usually say something like 600 lumenís, well thatís the actual brightness of the bulb, the more lumenís the brighter the bulb will be, the packaging also states that the bulb is 2,700K, thatís Kelvin, the colour of the glow as measured at a certain temperature, now itís important to note that most LED lights run cold or nearly cold, this does not mean that the bulb runs at a temperature of 2,700 Kelvin but that the colour of the light is the same as a flame or light at that temperature.

The packaging also says that the bulb has a 360 degree beam angle, well that just means how far the light spreads around the bulb, for a general bulb to illuminate a room you want a large beam angle (with 360 degrees being a full circle and meaning that there is light from all angles of the bulb, completely surrounding the bulb). A spotlight for example would not require a large beam angle as you want the light focussed on a spot or single area of desk.

LED Equivalents

Itís not just light bulbs that are available as a LED equivalent, florescent lights and neon lights are also available as a LED equivalent, now itís interesting to note that when the UK government was promoting energy efficient light bulbs and sent several light bulbs to each household they chose to send florescent light bulbs, these where standard Bayonet Cap BC light bulbs for your ceiling and had curved florescent tubes to occupy a similar space as a standard light bulb.

At that time LED light bulbs whilst available were expensive and so the government sent out florescent bulbs instead, whilst we all used these bulbs, after all they were free they did little to encourage the take up of LED bulbs because florescent bulbs as we all know have a very bright and institutional feeling.

LED Florescent And LED Tubes

LED florescent and LED tubes have none of these problems, they donít need starter units which as the starter begins to age causes the tubes to flicker and not switch on, but LED tubes start instantly without any delay or flickering.

LED lights are very adaptable to a wide range of lighting solutions, floodlights like rechargeable and portable LED work lights are rated at around 20 watts but can produce the equivalent of 100 watts of power and interestingly the model I looked at quoted 1,400LM where LM is Lumenís per metre squared.

LED Floodlights

As well as high power work lights, LED floodlights are ideal for outdoor buildings where at night you need a lot of light over a wide distance for example on your driveway when parking the car or over a garage entrance when loading or unloading goods at night.

Philips SES E14 Golf Ball LED

An interesting point to note is that bulbs like the Philips SES E14 Golf ball LED lights have a quoted lifetime of 15,000 hours thatís 1.7 years of continuous use, remember that you wonít be leaving the light on continuously, itís likely that the bulb will be switched on and off multiple times for just an hour or two so will last many more years than the 15,000 hours of continuous use at first suggests.

LIFX White 800 Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb

Bulbs like the LIFX White 800 Wi-Fi Smart LED bulb are compatible with Alexa, you can switch the bulb on and off and dim the bulb as well as set times for the bulb to switch on and off and you donít need a separate smart hub to use the bulb, the LIFX comes with a E27 Edison Screw fitting. You can choose between white light and warm lights on the LIFX smart bulbs.

As well as smart bulbs for connecting to home automation systems, LED bulbs can come with motion and light sensors built into the bulbs with no separate hubs or controllers needed, these bulbs can be set to come on when it gets dark and go off again automatically when it gets light as well as having a built in PIR system which will switch the light on when you walk into the room, itís also ideal if youíre worried about strangers as if someone is in the house the bulb will always switch on. B22 and E27 versions of these bulbs are available so both Bayonet Cap and Edison Screw (standard size) are catered for.

GU5.3 MR16 Halogen Replacement

Philips produce a dimmable GU5.3 MR16 Halogen replacement, this spot light has a warm white light and has the diffuser on the top of the bulb rather than built into the case of the bulb, it looks superb, very high tech looking but do replace all the bulbs used on the same ceiling or wall at the same time as your never get the desired effect of the same hue of light and the same style of lamp bodies.

MR16 GU5.3 (GX5.3) bulbs are the same physical size to the Philips bulbs but use SMD light chips (Surface Mount Devices) to produce the light, these are 12 volt bulbs that have as many as fifty light chips in each bulb, these bright yellow coloured light chips look as elegant when the light is switched off as they do when the light bulb is on, remember that every light chip on the bulb will need to fail before the bulb stops producing light, so your get many years of service out of these bulbs.

Beautiful And Luxurious LED Bulbs

For a really beautiful and luxurious LED bulb take a look at the Long Life Lamp Companies GU10 bulb with no less than thirty light chips, the bulb is gold in colour and looks superb, we are used to seeing aluminium bulb bodies with their shiny chrome like finishes but gold body bulbs really do look that extra bit special in the ceiling.

Whilst on the subject of luxurious bulbs let me tell you about LED fairy lights, if you have ever had problems trying to find the dead light bulb on a set of Christmas lights your know how infuriating it can be, with modern LED lights the bulbs just do not fail and never need replacing, the perfect choice for Christmas trees and general home lighting, Christmas lights can be multi-coloured with reds, greens and blues or you can have fairy lights that are bright white or warm orange colours, the fairy lights can be rated for indoor use only or outdoor use where they can get wet with rain or even snow.

LED Fairy Lights

Itís worth mentioning that LED fairy lights are much safer than conventional bulbs as the LED lights wonít get hot on the tree and are much more energy efficient and can be left on through the night without worrying about an increased electricity bill.

With lighting companies selling packs of six and ten LED bulbs for much less than you buy just a couple of LED bulbs from the supermarket there has never been a better time to buy LED bulbs and upgrading all the LED bulbs in your home means the bulbs wonít be all different. Take the E14 small Edison Screw candle bulb, in its non-dimmable version you can have a ten bulb pack with all bulbs having a five year guarantee, the chances are that the bulbs will last for years longer than that although the individual LEDís that make up the bulb might fail causing the light to fade slightly but still be perfectly usable for several more years.

GS Approved Bulbs

Your often see GS approved on bulbs, but what does it mean, GS stands for GeprŁfte Sicherheit which is German for Ďtested for safetyí, itís a European safety standard which means that the bulb has been safety tested by a government approved independent body.

If you hear LED bulbs being described as omni-directional of with 360 degree beam then your be interested to know that itís exactly the same thing, it just means that the beam of light extends completely round the bulb and light is directed equally around the bulb.

Strip Lights Or Tubular Lights

Strip lights or tubular lights (they are the same thing) will have a length quoted for example 284mm LED would describe a LED strip light with a length of 284 mm, generally tube lights will have a frosted tube just like florescent lights and a S15 cap, although note that with a strip light the ĎSí designation is for strip light rather than Screw Cap (Edison Screw).

Whilst strip lights and smart bulbs are using modern LED and OLED lights in a modern format also consider some of the older bulbs (antique bulbs) that have had a new lease of life since LED technology take the G45 SES (E14) small Edison Screw bulb, this is a clear glass mini globe ball with a very beautiful three filament LED, note that LED bulbs donít use filaments like old incandescent bulbs and the filament in these antique bulbs is actually a LED bulb designed to look like an old fashioned filament.

Berry Lights

Have you heard of Berry lights, these are a bit like fairy lights in that they are a string of lights but the wire is invisible and the actual light housing for each bulb is a big round ball like a big white berry, when these lights are switched on the berries glow a lovely warm yellow colour and are ideal for adding elegant lighting to your home especially as the Berry lights appear to float when you canít see the thin and near invisible wire.

E14 Bulbs

Talking of clever uses for LED bulbs take a look at E14 bulbs, these have a screw fitting and 360 degree beam which is created by several rows of SMD LED light chips and typically only require 5 watts of power to give a 30 watt equivalent power, if this was a conventional bulb rather than the LED equivalent this would be a halogen which of course run hot whilst these LED versions run warm, warm rather than cold as there are a great many light chips on each bulb.

Take a look at the GX53 bulb from the Long Life Lamp Company this bulb is known as a CFL bulb which stands for Compact Florescent Light bulb, the GX53 is a very small form factor bulb that has the most beautiful head of LED bulbs, it looks not unlike a shower head.

Of course, with all this talk of LED light bulb equivalents, Lumenís and Kelvins itís important to remember that LED bulbs can be a lot of fun too with LED table decorations shaped liked flowers or animals, multi coloured flashing ornaments and toys, LEDís are safe, low cost and energy efficient, take the BC B22 Bayonet Cap spinning disco lights as an example, plug these into your ceiling light and the globe will spin creating a disco bulb effect in your very own home for just a few pounds, and then when you want a normal light again just put the normal B22 bulb back, itís easy, a lot of fun and one of the simplest ways to create a totally different atmosphere in your home.

LED lights are so economical that they can be easily powered by a laptop or USB charger with USB desk lights with angle heads very popular, they provide a personal light on your desk, donít require a separate plug socket and draw their power from the computers port.

OSRAM Lightify Smart Home Connected LED

Going one step further and actually having bulbs controlled by your computer you can purchase the OSRAM Lightify Smart Home Connected LED, this E14 (Edison Cap) bulb is dimmable and will work with home networking equipment.

G9 Halogen Replacement Bulbs

Talking of clever technology, the G9 halogen replacement bulbs are packed full of SMD light chips with 60 separate light chips delivering 6,500 Kelvin of light, these bulbs are known as corn cob bulbs as they look like corn cobs especially when made up of standard light bulbs.

Of course itís not just golf ball, candle bulbs or ceiling lights that have a dimmable requirement, bulbs like the G9 bulb use SMD light chips and are dimmable, this is a spotlight bulb that is rated at 5 watts and is the equivalent of a 40 watt conventional halogen bulb. This particular bulb has a 2,800 Kelvin light temperature, thatís the colour of the light given off by the bulb rather than the actual temperature of the bulb in operation.

Remote Control Colour Changing Bulb

Whilst itís commonplace to find a large ceiling bulb as a remote control colour changing bulb, there are also GU10 versions that can typically generate 16 different colours from the wireless controller, most of these controllers are IR Infra-Red controllers like your TV remote control rather than Wi-Fi controllers, so you need to be whatís called Ďline of sightí to operate the bulb, that means that you need to be able to see the bulb for the remote control to be close enough to operate the bulb.

Itís very easy to purchase the wrong bulbs, a common mistake is to purchase a large ES bulb when you need a small ES bulb, if you have bought several bulbs (and the multiple packs of bulbs are so much cheaper than buying individual bulbs that I canít recommend you buying individual bulbs because you pay so much more), then you can use a converter, these converters change a large ES socket into a small ES bulb so you can plug large bulbs into small bulb holders.

E14 To E27 Converters

The converter for large to small ES bulbs (Edison Screw bulbs) is called an E14 to E27 converter and is not limited to LED bulbs, you can use this converter with conventional bulbs too.

LED bulbs are not just for ceiling lights or lamps they are also for appliances like the E14 refrigerator bulb, this is a SMD bulb using Surface Mount Device light chips with a light temperature of 3,500 Kelvin (thatís the colour of the light rather than the temperature of the bulb, after all this bulb is going into a fridge, Kelvin measurements give an indication of the colour of the glow at a certain temperate of light, this is a warm white colour bulb that only requires 1 watt of power.

Of course, Iíve talked about colour changing bulbs but some bulbs are coloured and donít change their colour but just are one standard colour like GU10 blue light bulbs, rather than a white light or orange/white warm light these recessed ceiling and spotlight bulbs only illuminate in a blue colour, now this light shade of blue provides a very cooling feel to any room, if you have a hot room like a kitchen that you want to feel cooler than use a blue light bulb to give either the entire room or an area of the room a cool blue hue.

Different Light Intensities

Bulbs are available in different light intensities, generally the more LEDís a bulb has the brighter the bulb will be, as an example a GU10 bulb with only three dimples (areas of LED bulbs) will be less bright than a similar bulb with six dimples, Iím saying dimples here because each magnified area of lens on the bulb has several LED bulbs underneath the lens, the same also applies with SMD LEDís where the more SMDís you find on the bulb the brighter the bulb will be.

Whilst I mentioned that you can convert from one size of screw bulb to another size, either small to large or large to small but did you also know that you can convert from fitting type too, from Bayonet fitting to Edison fitting or indeed Edison to Bayonet fitting, the B22 to E14 converter is a good example of this and itís sold in packs containing multiple converters so itís really cheap to use different fitting bulbs in different fittings, itís a great way to Ďuse upí any spare bulbs you might have and these can be LED or conventional bulbs.

Vintage LED Filament

If you have found a bulb that has a vintage LED filament but it comes with a specific fitting type like Bayonet or Edison or a small or large fitting that does not match the fitting you have then with a converter you can easily change the fitting type of the bulb to match your socket.

Philips, OSRAM And Energizer

Itís not just known lighting brands like Philips or OSRAM that make LED bulbs but also companies like Energizer who make batteries, as an example Energizer make the E14 SES (Small Edison Screw) bulb, this is actually quite a high-power bulb with the bulb having a rating of 6 watts, Energizer make a range of smaller LED bulbs, these are utility bulbs, everyday bulbs that you use around the home with a limited range of sizes.

LED bulbs are not only available in the standard bulb sizes that you would expect, bulb sizes that easily fit in lampshades or lamp holders, however sometimes you might want an oversize bulb that you want to use without a lampshade, an example might be a ceiling bulb that would look great if it was a very large bulb, the bulb then looks like it is its own lampshade, these oversize balls tend to be the size of small footballs and are always a talking point. The large globe bulb with BC (Bayonet Cap) B22 fitting is one such bulb, the LEDís inside the bulb provide 15 watts of power and the LEDís run cold (inside the large ball) and are lightweight so as not to put undue tension on the electrical cord supporting the bulb.

Whilst the most common colours for LED bulbs are white or shades of white, yellow or orange with the next most common colour being a cool blue (and for the moment ignoring colour changing bulbs) then the next most common colour is green, whilst at first thought a green LED bulb (the most common fitting being B22 Bayonet) might not be a popular choice, if you are trying to create a natural, organic or plant area in your home then a green coloured bulb helps give an area of the room a natural feel.

If you have a floodlight you might be aware that these lights use what are called Ďcorn cobí bulbs, these are so called because the bulb is shaped like a corn cob, the R7S as an example has SMD light chips that are yellow in colour and actually look like individual corns on the cob! The conventional R7S would be a halogen bulb which does waste energy due to heat, so an upgrade to a LED bulb will save you money on your electricity bill as floodlights are switched on for a considerable period of time, especially if they are coupled with a PIR (Proximity Infra-Red) sensor as used in security systems.

Low Voltage MR16 Bulbs

Low voltage LED bulbs like MR16 bulbs need a power supply to reduce the mains voltage, these power supplies are often called driver units, thatís not necessarily correct terminology and is a hangover from florescent bulbs which need driver units, in the case of low voltage LEDís the driver unit is just a power supply to lower the voltage, note that if you have dimmer switches on low voltage bulbs then the power supply (or driver unit) will need to support dimming.

Super bright LED lights like GU10 bulbs use light chips (SMD LEDís) to have many separate LEDís in one bulb, the increased number of LEDís increase the brightness, typically to 420 lumenís with a power requirement of 3 watts, if you mix super bright bulbs and normal brightness bulbs in the same ceiling youíre really notice the difference with some bulbs appreciably brighter than others, the difference in brightness will only increase over time (years) as the individual LEDís that make up the bulb fail causing the bulb to become less bright.

Varilight Dimmer Switch

Dimmer switches like the Varilight dimmer switch are available as 1 gang or 2 gang and 1 or 2 way, let me explain what all this means, gang means the number of switches, so if you have two separate sets of lights that you want to control independently, then your need two gang, if you only have one set of lights that you want to control then you need a one gang switch. Now if you have two sets of lights that you want to control from one switch then you will need a one-way switch, now if you have two separate sets of lights and you want to switch them both on or off from one switch then you need a two-way switch.

The advantage of being able to control two sets of light (2 way) from one switch (one gang) means that both sets of lights will go on or off from the one switch.

Wi-Fi Controlled Smart Light

For more control then consider a Wi-Fi controlled smart light like the LIFX A20 this is a B22 Bayonet fitting light that is dimmable and colour changing and can be controlled by an app or home automation system like Amazon or Nest without the need for a separate smart hub.

IP65 Waterproof, Shower Proof And Splash Proof Housings

LED bulbs can also fit into IP65 waterproof, shower proof and splash proof housings like the GU10 IP65 chrome down lights, these metal down lights are also fireproof, made from chrome plated steel the lights carry on working in a fire so that you can find your way out of the building, if there is smoke or fire in the building and the lights burn out then no one will be able to find their way out of the building, building regulations will state if lights should be IP65 or fireproof.

Bathroom Lights

Lights used in bathrooms or other wet areas will need an IP65 rating and fitting a housing to bulbs (even if the bulbs themselves are not rated for fire or moisture) will ensure that once in the housing the bulbs are compliant.

With IP65 housing, you can place bulbs on the ceiling in a shower, if you have a mirror in the bathroom that contains lights the chances are that these will be G4 lights, if these lights have not already been replaced for LED bulbs then they will be halogen bulbs, you can directly replace these bulbs and indeed any bulb with its LED equivalent.

With LED lights requiring much less power than conventional lights, being smaller and generating no or little heat these bulbs are suitable for a great many more uses than conventional bulbs, keyring lights and torches use LED bulbs and are not just for illuminating your door so you can insert the keys in the lock but also colour changing lights are available which make these key chains ideal for parties and outdoor events as well as more practical uses like a torch.

Just because a bulb has a specific socket type like B22 (Bayonet fitting) that does not mean you can guarantee the size of the bulb, bulbs come in a variety of sizes and even the bulb housing (the plastic or metal part of the bulb) may be longer or shorter fatter or thinner than other styles of bulb, so itís important to make sure that the bulb shape your buying will fit the ceiling recess or your lampshade.

Heat Dissipating Bulbs

Bulbs with aluminium fins like a radiator will run cooler than the same bulb without cooling fins, a heat dissipating bulb will be an important requirement in a closed space but there is no need to spend extra money on these bulbs if you do not need a bulb that runs cooler (note that generally LED bulbs run cooler than conventional bulbs), heat dissipating bulbs have beautiful looking metal fins which may be of interest to you as a good looking bulb even if you donít need the heat dissipation properties of the housing.

Wi-Fi LED Controllers

Wi-Fi LED controllers like the Mi-Light series of controllers allow LED bulbs to be compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Samsung HTC smartphones and tablets, you can control the brightness of the bulbs as this is a dimmable controller (your also need dimmer compatible bulbs) and also switching the lights on and off through an app on your phone or tablet.

LED bulbs are often compared to conventional bulbs as a percentage of energy efficiency, for example a LED bulb might be rated as 90% energy saving or 90% energy efficient, this means that the bulb converts nearly all of its power to light and very little electrical power to heat, the higher the energy efficiency of the bulb the more your save on your energy bill but the higher the initial cost of the bulb, as lights get forgotten about and left on by accident or just in operation for long periods of time, energy efficient bulbs are a saving worth making.

LED bulbs use a lot less power than conventional bulbs and this means they donít get so hot (they can still get hot depending on the power of the LED bulbs or the enclosure type), for this reason you might see bulbs that are entirely made of plastic, the bulb body is plastic and the lens of the bulb is plastic, these bulbs are of course much easier to handle as they contain no glass, and because they are plastic you know they wonít generate much heat and heat is the killer of electrical equipment which causes most electrical equipment including light bulbs to breakdown over time, so with an all plastic bulb you can be assured of a long life bulb with a lifetime of five or more years (depending on the quality of the bulb, and noting that some bulbs will come with a guaranteed life that can be anything up to 25 years).

Can you replace a halogen bulb with LED?

Yes, LED bulbs are available in exactly the same bulb sizes and types including Bayonet Cap (BC) and Edison Screw (ES) in both small and large cap sizes. LED bulbs produce less heat than halogen bulbs so they have a lower power rating but still produce the same light output.

What Is A LED Light Bulb?

A LED light bulb is a type of bulb that uses Light Emitting Diodes (LED) as itís light source rather than a heated filament like a conventional light bulb. LED bulbs produce more light for the same power than conventional light bulbs and are therefore more efficient and use less power.

Are All LED Light Bulbs Dimmable?

No, only LED light bulbs designed as dimmable can be dimmed, so you must buy dimmable bulbs to use in a dimmable light fitting.

Do LED Light Bulbs Save Money?

Yes, LED light bulbs use less power as they are more efficient than conventional light bulbs. LED light bulbs do not produce as much heat as conventional bulbs and this makes LED bulbs more efficient.

Are All LED Bulbs Colour Changing?

No, whilst many LED bulbs come with a controller to change the colour of the light, the LED bulb must be designed for colour use.

Do LED Bulbs Get Hot?

Yes, LED bulbs do get hot, however they get a lot less hot than conventional bulbs as LED bulbs are more efficient converting more power to light.

Are All LED Bulbs Smart Bulbs?

No, whilst LED bulbs can have Wi-Fi connections built in and work with smart hubs and home automation systems, this is not a feature of all LED bulbs, you must buy a smart bulb for these features.

What Is The Best LED Bulb?

Philips LED bulbs are available in all bulb sizes and ES (Edison Screw) and BC (Bayonet Cap) fittings as well as smart bulbs which can be controlled by an app on your mobile phone or tablet.

How Do I Calculate LED Bulb Power?

As a very general rule of thumb, divide the power of a conventional bulb by ten to find the power of a replacement LED bulb, for example, if you have a 40 watt conventional light bulb and you want to replace the bulb with a LED bulb your need a LED bulb with a power rating of 4 watts.

Are Expensive LED Bulbs Better Than Cheaper Ones?

Yes, generally LED bulbs are manufactured to a price, cheap LED bulbs will have very few LEDís, the more LEDís the brighter the bulb and the longer the bulb will last.

Do LED Bulbs Really Last For 25 Years?

Yes, LED bulbs have an incredibly long life because they are more energy efficient and generate less heat, excess heat is what shortens the life of bulbs so LED bulbs which produce less heat last longer. LED bulbs also contain many individual LED lights, each LED light must fail before the LED bulb stops producing light.

How Can I Get Free LED Light Bulbs?

The UK government originally sent every household energy saving light bulbs, these light bulbs where in fact florescent (CFL), Compact Florescent Lights, the scheme has long since ended.

Can I Mix LED Bulbs And Conventional Bulbs?

Yes, you can mix LED and conventional bulbs, it wonít look pretty in the ceiling though as the two bulbs will have a different style and light colour (white, yellow etc.). It is safe to mix conventional and LED bulbs.

Are LED Bulbs Safer Than Conventional Bulbs?

Yes, LED bulbs produce less heat than conventional bulbs as they are more efficient, less heat means that the bulbs are less likely to overheat or cause a fixture or lampshade to get hot.

Are LED Bulbs Waterproof?

No, LED bulbs are not waterproof unless you put the LED bulb in a IP54 splash proof or waterproof housing.

Are LED Bulbs Fireproof?

No, LED light bulbs are not fireproof unless the bulb is housed in a fireproof housing.

Smart Bulbs You Can Control Over The Internet

As well as smart bulbs you can control over the internet, some smart LED bulbs liker the E27 Bluetooth bulb come with Bluetooth technology and can be remote controlled by iPhone, iPad and Android devices, this bulb also contains a Bluetooth speaker so you can stream music from your phone to the lamp in the ceiling, an excellent way to share you music without having to worry about plugging in or charging a Bluetooth speaker.

Smart bulbs can even come with a Wi-Fi repeater built in, these bulbs act as wireless access points and extend the range of your Wi-Fi network and because the bulbs are in your ceiling they are in the perfect position (up high) to give the widest possible Wi-Fi signal.

LED bulbs have many advantages and whilst you can still buy conventional bulbs, there really is no point, they might be cheaper to buy but the running costs will be much higher and the lifetime of conventional bulbs is much less, from an environmental point of view conventional bulb manufacture can be harmful to the environment, for example did you know that many conventional light bulbs contain lead, the lead is used at the base of the bulb and you can often see pitting in old bulbs where the electrical connection has caused sparking on the lead.

LED bulb technology whilst as efficient as florescent bulbs and tubes, and actually in many cases using far less power, are more flexible and have a wider range of colours, not just colours like blue, red and green but subtle shades of white, yellow or orange, LED bulbs are ideal for the home whilst florescent bulbs can feel clinical or industrial.

The Best LED Bulbs Are Not Necessarily The Cheapest

The best LED bulbs are not necessarily the cheapest to buy but with mobile phone and home automation control they are the most flexible, the use of LEDís ensures the bulbs have a long life and will produce very little heat, if you have a ceiling containing halogen bulbs in the summer the room will be very much hotter, change the halogen bulbs to cool running LED bulbs and the room wonít get so hot, itís that heat which is costing you money in wasted electricity.

Solar Panels

You can use LED bulbs with solar panels too, as the bulbs use a lot less energy than standard bulbs you can have lighting on boats, caravans or whilst camping, the solar cells charge a battery which then powers the lights and with LED lights being so bright the whole room can be illuminated from one solar powered LED light bulb.

LED tube lights like the T8 tube are also modern versions of the florescent tube, these LED tubes not only have a longer life than florescent tubes but also do not need a starter unit so there is no flickering or tubes that donít light because of a bad starter unit, also LED tube lights can have a warm glow rather than an artificial and sterile florescent glow.

Philips E27 Tornado

The Philips E27 Tornado is a compact spiral light that does indeed look like a tornado with a spiral bulb of 20 watt power output, these spiral bulbs are available as both a florescent tube (CFL) Compact Florescent Light version or as a LED version.

LED Bulbs Replacing Candle Flames

LED bulbs can replace candles in most situations with even a LED version of a candle for your Halloween pumpkin, replacing flame candles with LED bulbs is obviously far safer than a flame, children can use the flame replacement LED candles safely without fear of burning themselves, also LED candles do not blow out in the wind so they are perfect for pumpkins at Halloween or as LED candles for the cometary.

LED cemetery candles donít blow out in the wind like conventional candles and are also far safer with many cemeteries or remembrance gardens not wanting the use of matches, also with LED candles you can be assured that once you leave the graveside the candle will continue to remain bright for many weeks before the battery fails whereas with a flame candle the wind may blow the candle out as soon as you have left the cemetery.

Safety Lighting

Safety lighting is another important role for LED lights where LED based door lighting units contain a proximity sensor as well as a light, hang these door entrance lights over the porch and your front door will always be lit up at night when you are trying to find your keys, it also makes it easier to see who is at the door at night when the doorway is illuminated.

Rechargeable Lantern Lights

Whilst camping rechargeable lantern lights will last for days on one charge whist providing as much light as high quality conventional bulbs, the LED lights use less power and so the batteries last days longer and much better than using naked flame candles which may well be a fire hazard whilst camping.

LED lights in a waterproof housing are also available for ponds and swimming pools where the LED lights operate off a low voltage power source for safety and the bulbs and housing do not produce heat which would change the temperature of the water.

LED bulbs as well as using much less energy and easy to use with batteries are also very lightweight and so ideal for use with drones, helicopters and other remote controlled equipment, the LED bulbs do not contain any glass and are therefore much safer if the drone crash lands as there is no glass bulb to break, LED lights will continue to work even when treated roughly.

Energizer Bulbs

Energizer as well as making a range of LED light bulbs also make a range of LED strip lights, these are ideal for use in aquariums as the LED light produces a warm glow rather than the unnatural light from a florescent strip light, the better light quality light makes looking at the fish a much nicer experience than florescent lights.

Itís not just everyday bulbs like Bayonet and Edison Screw but speciality bulbs like MR16 bulbs that are available in LED format, all halogen bulbs have now been superseded by LED equivalents which are also cheaper than the glass halogen bulbs.

Recessed Lighting Bulbs

Recessed lighting bulbs like GX53 LED replacement bulbs can replace 60 watt halogen bulbs or 12 watt CFL (Compact Florescent Lighting) bulbs and in both cases will be cheaper to buy and cheaper to run, in the case of GX53 bulbs your normally find a pack of 5 or more bulbs is being sold rather than individual bulbs because the cost of the LED equivalent is so very much cheaper than halogen or florescent.

LED bulbs are far more robust than glass bulbs or filament bulbs, whilst not recommended you can probably drop a LED bulb and it will survive that canít be said for a halogen filed glass bulb or a filament bulb which will smash or break on impact.

Rice Lights

If you like rice lights as ornaments on twigs in a vase or wrapped around shelving then your be interested to know that the LED equivalent bulbs are much safer, there is no glass in a LED rice light and the bulbs are cold to the touch where a rice bulb can get warm.

Candelabra Bulbs

Candelabra bulbs like the E14 with a C35 shape can be shaped like a flame where the actual glass of the bulb tapers just like a flame, these bulbs look beautiful and are often a talking point at a dinner party, whilst the bulb may be functional, these little touches make a functional item beautiful and thatís the benefit of LED bulbs, they are functional items, to give light to your home but with the addition of wireless or Bluetooth connections those very same bulbs can be part of a smart home.

Anywhere bulbs is the name given to LED bulbs that have their own battery power supply, these bulbs and batteries are housed in a bulb shaped housing which contains the LEDís and batteries and can simply be hung up where light is needed, in the garage, in the tent, under the bonnet of a car, anywhere that you need to hang a light and because the bulbs are stronger than conventional bulbs the LEDís can take more mishandling.

Led bulbs are not just for everyday lighting but for fun things too like LED icicles which you can hang up around your hose at Christmas time, these Christmas bulbs can be used inside or outdoors and wonít add much to your electricity bill as the bulbs are low power and energy efficient LEDís or OLEDís.

Itís not just LED lights that can be used around the home but for your bicycles too with LED lights on your bike helmet and LED lights on your bicycle to light your way and as rear red lights, modern LED lights will switch themselves on when they detect movement of the bicycle and off again when the bicycle is stationary so you donít even need to switch the lights on and off, this helps the battery to last a long time as you canít accidentally leave the lights on.

Caravan And Boat Lighting

Do you have a caravan or a boat then your probably have BA15S, 1141, 1156, 1073, 1093 or 1129 interior lighting, these bulbs are easily replaced with LED equivalents and because LED bulbs donít suffer from vibration breakage like filament bulbs your get many years of service out of the replacement bulbs, I fact the bulbs will continue to work at a reduced capacity (as individual LED or OLED lights fail) for up to 25 years.

That is one of the main advantages of LED bulbs that you never need change a light bulb again, if the bulb is in a housing or requires a lamp holder to be unscrewed or opened up you might find yourself putting off changing the bulb just because there is work to do to change the bulb, with LED bulbs you can fit the bulb and then forget about it as the bulb will not need replacing for many years to come.

Spot Lights And Reflector Bulbs

Spot lights and reflectors bulbs can get particularly hot, Iíve even seen burn marks on ceilings from spotlights where a too high wattage bulb has been used in a housing, but with LED bulbs which run cool there is never a danger of burn damage form the bulb, not only to the lamp holder, ceiling or lampshade but to fingers too as LED bulbs are much cooler to touch.

Thatís not to say that LED bulbs do not get hot, depending on the size and type of bulb and its power rating it might get hot, but the bulb will never get as hot as a filament bulb.

Kitchen Cabinet Lightging

LED lights for underneath kitchen cabinets and cupboards have motion sensors built into them to only switch on when you approach, this means that you donít even need a light switch to switch on and off the light as this is done automatically for you when the light sensor detects your hands or presence near the cupboard or workspace.

Light bulbs that know when you are near and switch on and switch off again when you leave the room mean that you need never worry about switching lights on and off, just walk through your home day or night and if the light levels are low enough in the room the lights will switch on automatically when you are in the room.

Cooker Tops And Chimney Hood Lighting

Bulbs like the E14 are used to illuminate cooker tops in chimney hoods, these LED bulbs are resistant to heat from the cooking surface as well as grease and grime, the LED bulbs will last for many years even though their operating environment is hot and greasy, halogen bulbs can get hot and ignite grease and fat in industrial kitchens, with LED lights this source of ignition is not present.

LED Bulbs In Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide And Gas Alarms

LED bulbs are also used in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide or gas alarms, in these environments you need a light to help you find your way in smoke but do not need a source of ignition as a filament lamp near a gas leak may provide and ignition source to the gas, LED lights are the best choice for the safety conscious.

Whatever size, style or power requirement you have for light bulbs, always consider LED bulbs first, even antique bulbs have seen a new lease of life with the beautiful filaments redesigned with LED bulbs, there are now no occasions where it would be better to use a conventional filament or halogen light than it would be to use a LED light.

LED Bulbs Have Re-Imagined Lighting

From T8 strip lights to GU10 halogen lights, safety lights and antique lights or fairy lights every type of light has been re-imagined by LED lights, they are cheaper, safer and longer lasting than any other type of light that has gone before, even florescent lights which have a long life cannot compete on price and quality of light or lifetime when compared to LED lights.